Rainbow Yoga at Powers Farm and Brewery

Two years ago, Melody and Kevin Powers look a leap of faith and opened their own brewery in Midland, Va (near Warrenton Airport).   It’s a welcoming, friendly place where conversations can be easily started with the person sitting next to you.  In the summer, I love coming there to collect my CSA share from Melody and to take a break (with one of their delicious beers) before heading home.  Another leap of faith they took last Fall was to accept my proposal to lead a yoga class at the brewery, and since then I’ve led a monthly Vinyasa yoga class on Sunday mornings.  

At the March 24th class,  Melody was able to take a few photos of everyone while we were practicing.  The photos look magical to me – with the sun shining through the windows  onto each yogi and his or her mat – making it look like a rainbow on the floor.  I’ve included some of the photos that Melody shared with me, below – I hope you get a sense of the fun that we had that morning!

I’m thankful for Melody’s and Kevin’s generosity in letting me use this space and I’m so grateful  for the people who have trusted me to lead them in these yoga sessions.  If you haven’t yet been to one of these classes, and especially, if you haven’t yet come to the Powers Farm Brewery, I hope you can discover for yourself what a neat place this is.

Crescent lunge to…
Crescent Twist!