For Ashtanga Yoga Lovers…

If you’ve ever taken a vinyasa yoga class, it’s likely to have in its lineage an Ashtanga Yoga practice. Ashtanga Yoga was developed by Pattabi Jois in India about a hundred years ago. Ashtanga Yoga, which has a pre-defined set of movements, can either be taught through a “called” practice (with a teacher calling out the poses) or it can be taught in the style of Mysore, where students practice the sequence at their own pace and the teacher provides guidance to improve the execution of the techniques.

Until 2019, there were no studios in Western Prince William or Fauquier Counties that offered an Ashtanga practice. There are now several, and Ashtanga is becoming more popular in this area. We now have an Ashtanga Resource Page which lists opportunities to practice Ashtanga in the area. Check it out!

If you know of other opportunities for Ashtanga, or if you’d like to share some of your thoughts on the current places where Ashtanga is offered, I’d love to get your comments below. Thanks! –Debby