Lunge Dips

A good Bando stance requires legs that are strong. I’ve noticed in my students a tendency to straighten the knees when the thighs are tired, resulting in less mobility and balance. Today’s Bando minute provides a simple exercise that builds up quad strength. Doing this daily will make a big difference in your ability to hold a stable stance,.

Start in a lunge position (basically, a low N stance). Have the front thigh be nearly parallel to the ground. Work your shoulder and arm strength by holding your arms in a Safety X, away from the body.

Next, lower the back knee, with control, until it is just an inch above the ground. Once your knee is down, engage the muscles in the back thigh to raise the knee without straightening the front knee.

Do 5-10 lunge dips with the right leg in front, and then switch to the left leg in front and do the same number of dips dropping the right knee.

How many can you do on one side?

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