The Necking Drill

This week’s focus will be on drills that reinforce an important idea from Joe Manley: You may be hit, but if you are moving you are less likely to be hurt. The key to these drills is the concept of slipping, that is, moving the body to avoid a direct strike.

The Eight-Count Necking Drill focuses on movement of the head and neck. While this is shown in a specific order as a drill, you can practice any of the pieces individually or in your own preferred order. The four basic movements are: Bob, Weave, Crane/Turtle, and Turn. Return head to a neutral position between each of the movements.

  1. Bob: Bend your neck to the left, bringing left ear to left shoulder (not raising shoulder to left ear!)
  2. Bob: Bend the neck to the right (right ear towards right shoulder)
  3. Weave: Drop the chin, circling the head to the left.
  4. Weave: Drop the chin, circling the head to the right.
  5. Crane: Extend the chin forward to to the side
  6. Turtle: Pull the chin in, moving the head to the back and to the side
  7. Turn: Turn your head and gaze to the left
  8. Turn: turn your head and gaze to the right

Try this sitting, standing, and in a stance.

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