Incorporating the Bando Lean with Covers

One of the most important skills you can practice is the “cover”, which protects the face from an attack. Covers are incorporated in both strikes and blocks. There’s an expression about the ability to fight:

If you can’t see, you can’t fight

If you can’t breathe, you can’t fight

If you can’t move, you can’t fight

And I’d add to that another one: If you are unconscious, you can’t fight. Covers are all about protecting your ability to see, to breathe, and to be conscious in the presence of an attack.

For today’s Bando minute, first review the summary of the basic cover (click here). Next, we’re going to integrate this basic motion with a body lean, moving the center line off of the line of attack. In this drill, you’ll be in an N stance, shifting your weight from one side to the other with each cover. Follow along with me below, and practice on your own.