Our Ashtanga Resource Page now includes On-line classes!

The coronavirus pandemic has forced most yoga studios to close, making it harder to maintain the sense of community and shared accountability that comes with the commitment of participating in yoga classes.  Many studios (such as the one I teach at, Transform Power Yoga) have responded by offering live classes via Facebook Live or by the Zoom web conferencing app.   For those who love to practice Ashtanga, there are a number of opportunities now to practice on-line that are offered by studios in Virginia.  Although the “Mysore” style can’t include physical touch and adjustments, teachers are providing feedback through Zoom.

Whether you prefer Ashtanga or other types of yoga, I hope you can support some of our treasured studios by attending on-line classes. To see the list of local studios offering on-line Ashtanga classes, visit our Ashtanga Resource Page.