The Manley Davis Warm-up (Part 2)

At Piedmont Bando, we start every class with the Manley-Davis warmup routine – which warms up the joints and prepares them for movement. Before working on the nine major joints, be sure to work on the Opening Sequence. Remember that these are not stretches! Do not try to push your joint past its working range of motion in this warm-up routine.

The steps in Part 2 of the Man-Dav warmup can be performed in any sequence. Repeat each individual movement at least three times. Feel free to do more of a movement if your joint feels like it needs it. To learn these steps, practice them in the order shared below until you’ve memorized the entire sequence. Note that if you hear any “clunks” or other noises, that joint might need some additional movement before it can move freely.

The Man-Dav Warm-up Part 2 (Major Joint Warmups)

  • Jaw Warm-ups: Open up your mouth wide and close it, move the jaw sideways relative to the top of the mouth.
  • Neck Warm-ups: Work on the “morning answers”:
    • “Yes” – Drop the chin low and lift it up. Repeat.
    • “No” – Turn head to the left and then to the right. Repeat.
    • “Maybe” – Bend the neck bringing left ear towards the shoulder. Return to neutral, then bring right ear towards right shoulder. Repeat.
    • “I’ll think about it” – make large circles of the head one direction (3 times) then the other direction.
    • “I’ll get back to you” – these are chin “juts” – forward, to the right side, forward, to the left side, then finish with one more forward jut.
  • Shoulder Warm-ups:
    • Warrior Shoulders (working the three planes of motion, both directions): Circle the arm (keeping elbow straight) in front of the body, to the side of the body, and then above (draw a circle on the ceiling). Repeat each movement 3 times with right arm and left arm. Make sure you are using the shoulder and not your elbow to make the circles.
    • Bird Wings: Place fingers together (both hands) and touch the shoulder pockets. Make circles with elbows, touching them in front of the body. Make circles both directions. Repeat.
  • Elbow Warm-ups: Extend the right arm, and “massage” the elbow with the left hand. With the right fist, make a “circle” around the left forearm, keeping left hand on either the inside or the outside of the right elbow. Make the circle the other direction. Then switch arms. Repeat each circle movement three or more times.
  • Wrist Warm-ups:
    • Figure 8s: clasp the hands together, and make a sideways “Figure 8” with the fists, keeping elbows stabilized next to ribs. After doing three or more times, make the figure 8 in the opposite direction. Repeat each figure 8 three or more times.
    • Static wrist bends: Do with the right hand, then the left.
      1. Bring right hand to chest, with little finger touching the sternum. Use left hand to twist the wrist while lowering the right hand, pulling the thumb side towards the left.
      2. Press right hand forward, palm out and thumb below. Use left hand to twist, pulling the little finger side of the hand towards the chest.
      3. Gooseneck: Use your left hand to bring the right thumb close to the inside of the right wrist.
      4. Hold the platter: Right palm faces up, fingers pointing away from the body. Use the left hand to press the palm down.
      5. Hold palm facing away from body, fingers pointing up, right forearm parallel to the floor. Use the left hand to pull the palm towards the body.
  • Back Warm-ups: Do the “Bando boogie”. With feet about hip distance apart, make a wide circle with the hips while keeping the head roughly in the same point in space. Repeat three or more times in one direction, then make hip circles in the other direction.
  • Hip Warm-ups: Make “horse-paws” with the right foot. Starting with the right foot in front, “paw” the ground, bringing the right foot behind you. Bend the knee (lifting the foot behind you), then bring the knee up towards the chest and then extend the foot, straightening the leg. This makes a circle with the foot. Repeat, then make the circle in the opposite direction. Now do the left foot!
  • Knee Warm-ups: Bend the knees enough that you can massage your kneecaps with your hands. Circle the knees together in one direction (three or more times), then the other. Then circle the knees in opposite directions one way then the other.
  • Ankle Warm-ups: Place the right foot behind you, pressing into the big toe and lifting the heel. Make a circle with the heel, keeping the toe connected to the ground. Repeat the circle one way then the other. Now make circles with the left foot.

Do an internal scan of your body and assess how your joints feel; if any joints are not open take care not to stress them with explosive or forceful movement, which could cause an injury.

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