The Manley-Davis Warm-up (Part 3)

This warmup routine is named after Grandmasters Joe Manley and Lloyd Davis, who put this sequence together. At Piedmont Bando, we start every class with the Manley-Davis warmup routine – which warms up the joints and prepares them for movement.

This set of movements is done after the opening sequence and work on the nine major joints. The Closing sequence is a way to loosen any remaining stiffness, like giving yourself a whole-body shiatsu massage.

The Man-Dav Warm-up (Closing Sequence)

  • Loosen the arms: Just loosely shake the right arm, letting it dangle and flop wherever it wants to go. Don’t try to make it move in any particular direction. Shake the left arm, and then shake both arms together.
  • Loosen the legs. Shake the right leg, letting it dangle and flop wherever it might go, and letting the joints be loose. Next, shake the left leg.
  • Rag-doll. Letting all of your joints be loose, lightly jump up and down and let your legs, arms, and head move freely.

After completing the closing sequence, smile! You’re ready for training.

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