The extended step

The Extended step is a great vehicle for for making subtle changes in your range. It’s executed by moving the front foot forward or to the side by just a few inches (approximately half the length of your own foot) or the back foot can move further rearward for just a few inches. Those few inches will change the location of your center of gravity and can make the difference between being hit and not, or being in range or not.

Practice your extended step from a middle N stance, following this diagram. First move the front foot forward (extended step forward) and then return it to it’s starting point. When you move forward, make sure your knee bends more to keep it over your foot, your hips should also move forward. Next, practice stepping back into a deeper N stance or an L stance (extended step back). With this step back, the hips should move back as well. From there, return your back foot to the starting point into an N stance.

Feel free to use chalk or some tape so you know if you’ve returned to your mark.

You can practice along with me in the video below, Enjoy!

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