Introduction to the Stepping Drill

The basic Bando Stepping drill has nine steps:

  1. Full Step
  2. Half Step
  3. Extended Step
  4. Pivot Step
  5. Slide Step
  6. Cross Step
  7. Spin Step
  8. Leap Step
  9. Jump Step

At Piedmont Bando, our version of the Stepping Drill involves practicing each of these steps from four initial stances:

  • Right N stance
  • Left N Stance
  • Right L stance
  • Left L stance

For today’s Bando minute, practice one of the steps that you know (eg, Full step or Half step) from each of these starting stances. So, for example, if you are practicing the Full step, then you’d follow the following sequence. Use tape or some chalk to mark your starting spot – you should return to this spot after every step. Hands should be in either a “Safety X” or you can have them on your hips, all fingers forward.

  • Starting from a High H (feet together), right foot steps into a right N stance. From this stance, the right foot steps back into an L stance (full step “back”). Then return the right foot to the starting point where the left foot is.
  • Second, now step with the left foot into a Left N stance. From this stance, do a full step back with the left foot into a left L stance. Then return the left foot to the starting point, next to the right.
  • Third: Step back with the right foot into a right L stance. Execute a full step forward by moving the right foot forward into an N stance.
  • Fourth: Left foot steps back into a left L stance. Then move the left foot forward into a left N stance, executing a full step forward.

This is the basic pattern for the stepping drill. If you tried it with the full step, see if you can puzzle out how to do the same four starting stances and doing a half step. Have fun!