Strengthening your Base: Heel drops, heel lifts, toe lifts

A stable stance and a well-executed step is enhanced if your legs are both flexible and strong. We’ve reviewed some exercises to strengthen the quads, today’s Bando minute focuses on the lower part of your legs.

Heel Drops

To work on the flexibility of the calf, try heel drops, using a stair or other platform. Feel free to hold onto a rail, or you can work your balance and try to stand with the heels lowered without holding on. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

Heel Lifts

After having the heel lower than the toes, try lifting the heels above the toes. Try to do 10 lifts, going from a low heel position to a high heel position.

Toe Lifts

For Toe lifts, have your feet parallel, perhaps double shoulder-width apart. You can either have your hands on the ground or, like this picture, you can hold onto a table or chair. Lift up the toes (engaging the front of your lower leg) ten times. Repeat until you know it’s enough.

There’s a Bando saying that you can’t shoot a cannon from a bamboo platform. Make sure your platform is solid, strong, and supple.

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