The forward slide step

The slide step is a great way to cover distance, either as a forward move or as a retreating move. The direction for a slide step is always an angle (vs a cardinal direction) relative to the opponent. That is, if you are going forward, it’s not directly straight – it’s more of a 30 – 45° angle.

From a right N stance, the forward slide step consists of the following transition:

  • Left foot comes up to the right foot, into a high H stance
  • Right foot step out further into a new N stance

During these transitions, it’s important to keep the head level. Avoid the temptation of straightening the legs when transitioning into the H stance and changing your perceived height.

From the stance drill, your slide step forward will look like the following:

The first version of any step in our stance drill starts from the right N stance.

1: Left foot moves forward (next to right) into a high H stance

2. Right foot steps further forward creating a new right N stance

3. To return, the right foot moves back to the left foot, creating a high H stance

4. The left foot then steps back to its original starting position, recreating the original right N stance

Then, to get ready for the next iteration, the right foot moves back to join the left foot, so that the left side for the step can be completed.

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