The retreating slide step

The retreating slide step is a quick way to create distance, when needed, from an on-going attack or threat. The step involves a retreat into an L stance, and from that L stance, one steps back even farther into a second L stance. The L stance shifts your centerline further away from the forward threat and your body is angled to reduce the surface area that could potentially be struck.

From the stepping drill, your retreating slide step would involve the following steps if you step into a right L stance

  1. The left foot moves back at a roughly 45° angle to the right foot (note that it still forms an “L”)
  2. The right foot then steps back farther into another L stance
  3. To return, first a, turn the right foot and knee forward into a left N stance and then b, bring the right foot forward to join the left foot.
  4. Once the right root is in place, the left foot returns back to the starting point. At this point the right foot can go forward to join the left, completing this portion of the stepping drill.

Note that the initiation of the retreating slide step could come from multiple stances. For example, if you were in a right N stance or right foot forward fighting stance, the first movement might be a full step back with the root foot into a right L stance. From there, you could then execute a retreating slide step to increase the range between you and the threat.

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