The retreating Cross Step in the Stepping Drill

Once you have a good idea of the basic mechanics of the cross step, it’s time to incorporate it into our stepping drill. The stepping drill includes the cross step as a way to create distance in an angular direction. Make sure you’re comfortable with the forward cross step before working on the retreating cross step.

In the stepping drill, the retreating cross step starts from a right or left L stance. Here are the steps when you start with a right L stance:

  1. Turn the body to face the SE, left foot cross-steps in the SE direction, crossing in front of the right foot.
  2. Turn both feet to face SE, then right foot makes a full step further to the SE, and then pivot into a left N stance.
  3. To return, pivot the left foot to face NE, then right foot crosses behind the left foot towards the NW.
  4. Left foot then does a full step back in the NW direction. Pivot into a left N stance (left foot should be back where it started).

You might like to follow along with the short video below for practice. Good luck!