The forward Spin Step

The spin step is a deceptive step, and one that should be used carefully since it involves momentarily turning your back to the opponent. It can place you behind the opponent, which can become very disorienting for them!

the deceptive spin step

Starting from a right N stance, a forward spin step results in a left N stance. While the spin step is done as a continuous movement, the individual steps can be broken down approximately to the following:

  1. Turn the right foot to face the opponent (eg, toes will point to the “west”
  2. The left foot crosses behind the right knee while pivoting the right foot (counterclockwise) to face “south”
  3. Bring down the left foot to the ground (toes will be facing the south), then pivot both feet counterclockwise until they are both facing North once again (as well as your torso), and ending up in a left N stance. (If you are not facing the original direction, then your placement of the left foot was incorrect.)

(For starting with a left N stance, you’ll be spinning in the opposite directions.)

Practice the forward spin step slowly, from a right N and from a left N, until you can reliably land in an N stance facing the same direction you started and return back to your original starting point. Once that’s in place, you can start making the movements more continuous.

Got this one down? You can review the retreating version by clicking here.