The retreating Spin Step

The spin step is a deceptive step, and one that should be used carefully since it involves momentarily turning your back to the opponent.

The retreating spin step

The rear spin step uses similar dynamics to the forward spin step. From a right L stance, you spin clockwise, pivoting on the right foot while the left foot circles around, ending up in a right N stance. Here’s one way to break it up into pieces:

  1. Bring the left foot to the right knee
  2. Pivot your body clockwise to face South (looking over the right shoulder)
  3. The left foot then crosses in front of the right leg (both feet are facing the South), and then continue the clockwise pivot on both feet until you are facing North in a right N stance.
  4. Return to your original spot by spinning counterclockwise, bring the left foot up to the right knee and then across to land in a left N stance. (Note that your return is into an N stance, not the L stance that you started in.)

(To start in a left L stance, you’ll be reversing the steps above, of course!)

Practice these steps for the retreating spin step slowly until you can reliably land in a left N stance facing the same direction you started. Once that’s in place, you can start making the movements more continuous.