Refining your front Kick

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your Front Kick is as simple as standing next to a folding chair.

Start with a middle N stance or fighting stance, with one foot close to the bottom of the chair. (In the illustration to the left, my left foot is forward)

Next, shifting weight to your back foot, lift up your front foot to knee level

Next step is to extend the leg (without dropping the knee), seeing if you can 1, clear the seat and 2, end with the foot above the top of the chair. Bring the kicking foot back to the knee (or to your starting point) before placing it down on the ground.

Practice this on both sides. Then, get ready for step 2, this time keeping the weight on the front foot, and kicking with the back foot. This means your back foot has to immediately clear the chair seat, and then must be able to above the top of the chair.

Let me know how this goes! We’ll be giving it a try in an upcoming class.

Namaste, Debby