Seated Shoulder rolls

Another important Matter of Fact (MOF) movement that Joe Manley tells me to practice constantly is shoulder rolls. This exercise is done seated.

Sit comfortably in a chair, but with your back straight and not leaning back on the chair back. Place one or both hands on the knees; keep the arm soft and relaxed.

First, make circles (moving forward, up, back, then down) with your shoulder, keeping your hands on your knees. Do this several times, and notice if you have any stiffness or if you hear any “pops”. (I usually hear a set of “pops” in the right shoulder when hitting the “down” part of the cycle.) After a bit, reverse the direction of your circles, and notice whether it feels (or sounds) different than the first direction.

You can add a variation of this by placing the hands near the hips (palms flat down on a surface), again making the circles both ways.

Note that you can do one shoulder at a time or both, whatever makes the most sense for where you are at the time you’re trying this out. This is a great MOF to do every day, just for a few rounds at most.