A simple drill for Palm Strikes

One of my favorite empty hand weapons is the palm. A lot of the strikes I practice are either with the palm heel or a “3/4” palm, which involves the outside edge of the palm.

To begin working on palm strikes, start by working on this very simple four-count drill. The four counts are, simply:

  1. Lift up the hands (palm faces down), leading with the wrists
  2. Lower the hands, leading with the wrists (to strike with palm heel)
  3. Turn the hands so palms are facing in, then move hands out to the side, leading with the wrists
  4. Bring both hands inward, leading with the wrists (to strike with palm heel)

Do these softly, not with a hard motion, until you can get this smooth and consistent. Want to see an example? Here’s a short video, below. Rosie is desperate to get into the act, we’ll have to let her star in a future Bando minute!