Announcing a New Bando Class for 2022

Dear friends,

After a half-year hiatus, I’m starting up a new on-line Bando class.  This class, like my previous classes,  will continue to focus on the basics and on refining the little points that make a technique effective.  The difference is that this class will have more of a Monk System focus.    Since last summer, I’ve instead been focusing on working with our contractor on the completion of our home renovation project, which has taken a significant amount of mental energy.  The work is nearly done, and I’m ready to refocus.

Several years ago, Dr. Gyi asked me to focus on six key aspects of the Healing Arts:

  • Bando Monk System (martial movements while maintaining compassion for those who are in comflict), especially empty hand (dho) and staff (dhot) techniques focusing on evasion and non-lethal targets
  • Bando Min Zin (developing ability to engage internal energy systems)
  • Bando Meditation (techniques to address understanding and mastery of Mind)
  • Bando Mudras (hand gestures that promote healing and other energetic properties)
  • Bando Yoga (techniques to support the body in martial movement)
  • Bando Sasana (ethics and teachings)

My goal is to cover all of these aspects over the coming months in this new class.

The class will be on Thursday evenings at 7:15pm, starting on January 20th, 2022.  If you are interested in joining us, you can sign up by clicking this link.    The monthly fee is very affordable, and drop-in rates are also available.  Classes will be offered via Zoom for now, given we are still dealing with a fairly contagious virus that can have significant impacts on health.  

Many thanks to the students who have been encouraging me to resume these classes.  And as always, I am eternally grateful for the guidance of, and friendship with my instructor, GM Joe Manley.   My goal is to carry on the knowledge he has passed on to me and to honor this great Bando fighter and teacher.