Announcing a New Bando Class for 2022

Dear friends, After a half-year hiatus, I’m starting up a new on-line Bando class.  This class, like my previous classes,  will continue to focus on the basics and on refining the little points that make a technique effective.  The difference is that this class will have more of a Monk System focus.    Since last […]

The Snow Queen

Do you remember the story, by Hans Christian Anderson (1805 – 1875), of the Snow Queen? I thought I knew the story well enough until I re-read it earlier this year to my granddaughters. When I did read it, with fresh eyes, I came to the realization that Anderson was a feminist! And yes, there […]

New Class: Introduction to Breath and Meditation

Breathing is unusual, in that it happens automatically and yet we all have the ability to regulate our breath. The type of breath you use has the ability to affect your state of mind and energy level. Meditation has been shown to have a number of benefits, and yet I hear many of my friends […]

Thoughts on Reality and Perception

This is an edited version of an essay I originally wrote as an assignment during my yoga teacher training – I’ve taken out some of the sanskrit terms for clarity. Today, it seems especially relevant. In our everyday lives, we are constantly taking in information, assessing it, and reacting to it.  The thoughts that we […]

Honoring Those Who Serve

Memorial Day is here, and it gives us the opportunity to spend some solemn moments in memory of those who have served in the military and who are no longer with us.  My father served for many years in the Navy (and spent much of his career supporting military needs as a civilian), my husband’s […]

Our Ashtanga Resource Page now includes On-line classes!

The coronavirus pandemic has forced most yoga studios to close, making it harder to maintain the sense of community and shared accountability that comes with the commitment of participating in yoga classes.  Many studios (such as the one I teach at, Transform Power Yoga) have responded by offering live classes via Facebook Live or by the […]

Free Yin Yoga classes via Zoom every Saturday

Dear friends, I’m heartened by how much people have embraced the civic duty of minimizing social contact to slow down the Coronavirus pandemic infection rate. While all of the studio classes I teach are suspended, I’d still like to share one of my favorite practices – Yin Yoga. Every Saturday at noon, I’ll be offering […]

Planning for the National Bando Women’s Camp

Dear Bando SistersThe National Bando Women’s Camp is scheduled for June 18 – 21, continuing our tradition of supporting each other and growing in skill.  We have a lot of ideas for how to go forward, but first need to check in with everyone regarding the timing. With the disruption resulting from the COVID-19 virus, […]


Martial Arts, Yoga, Internal Energy systems, and Meditation. In addition to their Eastern roots, for me there’s a common theme to these pursuits – they are all about integrity.  The formal definition of “Integrity” has two main meanings: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. the state of being whole […]

Embracing your Breath

With the beginning of the holiday season, I’m finding myself feeling heavily loaded with holiday preparations.  We’ve just wrapped up Thanksgiving with our extended family, having hosted 5 people the previous night and seating a total of 19 for dinner.  I really like being able to host, even though it’s an intense several days of […]