Book Review: Chapter 1 of Meditation and the Initiation Process

Several of us have decided to dive into Volume 6 of a series on the Mind, written by Bodo Balsys.  This book, Meditation and the Initiation Process, is not an easy read; we’re aiming for one chapter a month.  This month, we’re tackling the Chapter 1 – Introduction. Balsys is a scholar in Buddhism; he’s […]

What is your source of joy?

This holiday season, I continued one of my current traditions of making an insane number of cookies to share with family and friends.  Typically, I make multiple batches for roughly 10-12 different recipes, yielding 70 – 100 dozen cookies (yes, that’s on the order of one thousand treats!).  This year felt different, though, not because […]

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Thoughts on the Concept of Non-Violence

There’s a powerful concept that I learned about years ago; in Sanskrit the term for this concept is Ahimsa. Ahimsa can be roughly translated as the practice of non-violence or non-harm to all beings. At it’s simplest, one practices Ahimsa by intentionally choosing to refrain from physical violence or from speech that is hurtful. And […]