Bando Self Defense

Monday evening classes at the Cale Community Center in Greenbriar (4615 Stringfellow Road, Chantilly VA 20151)

Bando (pronounced Bahn-Doh) is a martial art originating from Myanmar (aka Burma).  This class offers rigorous training in self-defense including effective office and defenses against attackers from any direction.  A special emphasis is placed on body dynamics and structure, enabling students to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.  All skill levels are welcome; classes integrate beginner and advanced students while providing individualized instruction.  Classic weapon systems in stick-fighting systems and edged weapons are also taught in extra workshops open to regular students.  The class is taught by Sayamaji Deborah Kirkman and Saya James Sheeran under the guidance of Grand Master Joe Manley.  The class is open to teens and adults of all skill levels.

Weekly classes are $45/month with multi-family member discounts.