Health Defense

A monthly class held on Saturdays, 1 - 2:30pm, at the Riversbend home studio (6031 Deborah Drive, Warrenton, Virginia, 20187). For the duration of the Pandemic, the Health Defense classes will be suspended.   For more information, contact Debby Kirkman (see contact page).

At these monthly sessions, Bando Grand Master Joe Manley will share some of the techniques that he’s learned in his journey for good health.  These techniques include a variety of energy and health practices derived from China’s Chi Gong traditions, India’s Ayurveda practices, and Burmese Min Zin techniques.  Intended to complement, rather than replace Western medical practices, participants will learn techniques that focus on internal energy zones, joint health, and organ health.  Assisted by Bando Grand Master Lloyd Davis and American Bando Association president, and instructor Sayamji Debby Kirkman.  No prior experience is needed to attend; participants should wear comfortable clothing that allows ease of movement.

A $20 donation per person is requested to attend a Health Defense session

See calendar for the class schedule.  For more information, click here