Introduction to Pranayama and Meditation

This class is a "virtual" class, provided via Zoom, starting in October 2020.  See calendar for current class times.  For more information, contact Debby Kirkman (see contact page).

Breath practices (aka, pranayama) and meditation are complementary activities that can enhance your physical and mental health.  In the first half of this class, you will learn techniques such as how to breath efficiently, how to strengthen your lung capacity, and how to use breath patterns to manage your mental state, and to complement your health or meditation practices.

The second half of the class will provide an introduction to meditation practices that develop concentration skills and that enhance your mindfulness within every moment.  Meditation can feel like a daunting activity, but we'll be working step-by-step to build your capacity to focus and to open up your perceptions.

The class is co-taught by Deborah and Worth Kirkman on Thursday evenings, 7:30 - 8:30pm, beginning October 1st.  The class is open to teens and adults of all skill levels. The class is $30/month, or you can attend as a Drop-in guest for $10 a class.  If you are interested in registering for this class, click here.

Note - We also intend to offer weekly studio classes in Warrenton once the health risks from the coronavirus are manageable and no longer are a serious hazard for our community.