Western Prince William and Fauquier County Ashtanga Resource Page

On-Line Ashtanga Yoga Opportunities

The coronavirus pandemic has forced most yoga studios to close, making it harder to maintain the sense of community and shared accountability that comes with the commitment of participating in yoga classes.  Many studios (such as the one I teach at, Transform Power Yoga) have responded by offering live classes via Facebook Live or by the Zoom web conferencing app.

For those who want to practice Ashtanga in a virtual setting, there are a number of opportunities now to practice on-line.   We are now offering an Ashtanga Led Half-Primary at Riversbend Studio  on Wednesdays at 2pm.  This is a 75 minute class.  Contact me for more information or to sign up, or check out  our event calendar  to see the current schedule.

Here are some other on-line and in-person Ashtanga opportunities in other studios that I'm aware of:

  1. Maggie Lively, with Ashtanga Nation, is offering a Mysore class, three days a week.  Her class offerings are being updated and a larger set of offerings will be published this Fall.
  2. Shino Brown, with Vint Hill Yoga, offers a led half-Primary series class on Sunday mornings, on-line and in-person options are available.  Click here to sign up.
  3. Keith Moore is a DC area teacher and is certified in Ashtanga, you can check out his on-line offerings at https://www.aysdc.com/
  4. Jen Rene is a former DC area resident who is now in California.   See https://www.jenrene.com/
  5. Cory Bryant is another former DC area teacher, see: https://ashtanganashville.com/

If you are still self-quarantining,  I hope you can support some of our treasured studios by attending on-line classes for whatever yoga practice you enjoy.

Affinity Practice Opportunities

Several Ashtanga practitioners are interested in opportunities for shared self-practice.  Here are some examples:

Vint Hill Yoga, 7154 Farm Station Rd, Vint Hill , VA , 20187

Ashtanga self practice is offered on a number of Saturdays at 6:30am.  Contact Shino Brown (Vinthillyoga@gmail.com) for schedule.

Piedmont Healing and Defensive Arts, Riversbend (home) Studio, 6031 Deborah Drive, Warrenton, VA 20187If interested, contact Debby at piedmonthealingarts@gmail.com

Other Ashtanga Opportunities in Northern Virginia

Ashtanga Nation, 3313 Arlington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201.  See schedule on their website, ashtanganation.com.  Maggie Lively, the director, is certified in Ashtanga.

Heart n Soul Yoga Studio, 370 Maple Ave W STE 1, Vienna, VA 22180 (as part of the Flex and Tone Studio)  Instructor:  Isabella Gutfreund.  Website: heartnsoul-studio.com

Sun and Moon Studio offers an Ashtanga class in its Arlington location, 3811 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22207.   Tova Steiner is certified in Ashtanga.   For more information, check on sunandmoonstudio.com

Lifetime Fitness, has a two sites in the area, including Gainesville and Centreville, and is again offering in-person Ashtanga classes with their re-opening.  Ashtanga class instructors include Elena S, Isabel Gutfreund, and Lilli N.  Note that this is a membership-based facility.

Inner Power Yoga, 46090 Lake Center Plaza, Suite 205, Sterling, VA 20165.  The instructor is Jonathan Cronin.  The studio website is: inner-power-yoga.com

Native Barre Studio, 8 Jay Street, 2nd Floor, Middleburg, VA 20117.   Laura Fulton Renkes (instructor) is certified in Ashtanga primary and intermediate series.  Studio website: nativebarre.com


Have additional information or comments to share?  You can send feedback on this page directly to Debby Kirkman by emailing her at piedmonthealingarts@gmail.com  .

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